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Garage Door Accessories and Upgrades

Central Coast Garage Door Accessories

We offer a range of Garage Door Accessories and Upgrades from our trusted and preferred suppliers Merlin and Cleverseal.

MYQ Bundle web

MYQ Connectivity Bundle

Add monitoring and control away from home via the Merlin myQ app for smart devices including the Apple Watch.
This bundle includes the Gateway device for your modem and the Protector System (Safety IR Beams) to ensure the safety of your family and the safe operation of your garage door remotely.

– Receive alerts and notifications
For complete peace of mind knowing you are in control away from home; know the exact position of your garage door, who is using it and when with real time updates.
– MyQ Scheduling
With myQ scheduling you can select specific close times for your garage door.
– Give access to friends and family
– 1 Years Warranty

Compatible With: MS65MYQ, MS105MYQ, MS125MYQ, MR655MYQ, MR855MYQ, MR555MYQ.
*This system must not be used on Tilt Doors*
*A router with an active Broadband Internet connection and a spare Ethernet port is required*

Battery Back-Up

Get in and out when the power is out with Battery Back-Up; keep your Merlin opener operating and your garage accessible. The Battery Backup powers the garage door opener as if the power is still on.

– Audible signal sounds when the door is under Battery power.
– Bright LED lights let you know when the Battery Backup is charging, in use or when the battery needs to be replaced.
– 1 Years Warranty

Compatible with: MS105MYQ, MS125MYQ, MR855MYQ

Battery Back up web
MerlinmyQRemoteLEDLightClear web

MYQ Remote Light

An Ultra Bright LED light with 1,500 lumens to brighten up any garage or workspace; with easy mounting to the wall or ceiling and a 1.8m power lead, there are many convenient ways to control your myQ Remote LED Light.

– Operate via any compatible Merlin+ 2.0 garage door remote.
– Control and operate via the myQ smartphone app.
*A Merlin Gateway and and active myQ account is required for this method*
– Sync with your Merlin garage door opener to turn the light on when the door is activated.
*Only available on compatible models*
– 1 Year warranty

Compatible Merlin Remotes: E980M, E970M, E960M, E964M, E148M, E943M, E940M, E950M, E945M
Compatible Merlin Opener Models: MS65MYQ, MS105MYQ, MS125MYQ, MR655MYQ, MR855MYQ, MJ3800MY

Wireless Keypad + 2.0 (E840M)

Now you can have keyless entry into your home. It’s perfect for the family, trades people or even just going for a walk. Leave your keys at home with peace of mind that your home is secure and you can get back in with a four digit pin.

– Keyless entry via 4 digit code access
– 1 Year Warranty

Security Keypad
Emergency Key Release

Emergency Key Release

Designed for garages that don’t have a second access point. The key operated lock allows you to disengage the opener from the door from outside the garage when there is no power or a remote is not available.

– 1 Year Warranty

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