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Roller Garage Doors Central Coast

Choose the right roller garage door for your home

Roller doors are known for their durability and space saving design; they are designed to withstand years of usage and wear and tear provided they are serviced and maintained correctly making them a practical and cost saving option for many applications. A rollerdoor’s corrugations allow for the steel curtain to roll up on itself as it is lifted, they also have a torsion spring hidden inside the roll to allow the door to operate easily.

Roller garage door

Gliderol Garage Doors

Gliderol’s Roller Garage Doors are designed and manufactured in Australia from durable BlueScope steel and are made to suit most garage openings, adding style and character to any home. In addition to being built to operate with minimal noise and friction, Gliderol Roller Doors are specifically designed with a reinforced bottom rail to protect your home against intruders.

Gliderol Roller Doors are also

  • Available in a wide range of Colorbond Colours
  • Hard wearing and high performing
  • Quick and easy to install

With strength and safety guaranteed, every Gliderol door is made to your individual wants and needs at no additional costs, meaning you can have a Gliderol Roller Door for your home now.

bd roller door


Australian for ‘Garage Door’ since 1956, Roll-A-Door® makes coming and going from home a breeze for millions of Australians.

  • Strength & Durability – B&D’s unique ‘brake press’ technology stamps a rigid structural pattern into each Roll-A-Door. The door curtain remains flat and looks good for the life of the product instead of developing unsightly sagging and bellying suffered by inferior doors.
  • Smooth, Quiet Operation – Nylofelt running strips fitted on both sides of the Roll-A-Door delivers quiet operation day after day, year after year.
  • Enhanced For The Things That Are Precious To You – Every Roll-A-Door features a sturdy locking mechanism to help prevent unwanted intrusion.