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Insulated Garage Doors

World Class European Insulated Garage Doors

The Danmar Insulated Garage Doors offer a fire resistant, smooth finish panel garage door, with a thermal value of 2.2 and strong rigid construction, these doors feature a reduced thermal transmission of up to 30%! 

Not only do they reduce the temperature transmission, they minimise outside noise penetration and look cleaner inside and out! Pests are also unable to nest due to the frameless construction and no sharp internal edges. Thermopanels have much better impact resistance due to the foam density and coupled with fire rated top and side seals, provide excellent fire protection. Insulated garage doors are perfect for those looking to reduce their energy bills as they make a home more energy efficient.

A Perfect choice for those who use their garage as a functional space, those who wish to reduce their energy bills and those who want to keep their garage temperature controlled!

This range includes two options; Thermoflat and Thermofine designs – Smooth and Timber look style.

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Danmar Thermoflat

The Thermoflat Insulated Panel Door offers a sleek, perfectly smooth finish.

With a 0.48mm outer skin The thermoflat is the only truly smooth finish design on the market that doesn’t suffer from oil canning or rippling. 

  • Full monoshell construction
  • Thermal break seak between panels

Colourbond colours include: (White, Classic Cream, Shale Grey, Surfmist, Windspray and Dune)

Insulated Garage Doors

Danmar Thermofine

The Thermofine Insulated Panel Door is an insulated timber look option styled with a vee join look.

Colour options include:

  • Golden Oak (Smooth)
  • Dark Oak (Smooth)
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