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#1 Garage Door Repairs Central Coast

If you’re looking for the best garage door repairs central coast, look no further than our Affordable Openings team of highly experienced technicians. We understand the importance of reliable and affordable garage door repairs, and we’re committed to providing the best possible service to our Central Coast customers.

Garage doors are a vital component to your home as they protect your cars and home and can even boost kerb appeal. We use our garage doors every day, yet really only look at them when something goes wrong.

We offer a range of services that include repairs and maintenance, so you can be sure that we’ll be able to handle whatever problem you’re experiencing. We also have a wealth of experience dealing with a range of brands including Merlin, Gliderol & B&D, with a fast turnaround time.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable garage door repair service, look no further than our team at Garage Door Repair Central Coast. We’ll be happy to help you solve your problem and restore your garage door to its original condition.

garage door repairs central coast

Examples of Common Gararge Door Repairs

garage door repairs and service central coast

After being in the industry for 30+ years, there isn’t a repair we haven’t come across yet. Some examples of common breakdowns include: 

  • Snapped or frayed cables on a sectional or panel door.
  • Broken spring on a sectional or panel door.
  • Broken hoop on a roller door.
  • Automatic opener failures.
  • Automatic doors auto reversing or stopping during travel.

If we cannot repair your garage door on the spot because major repairs are needed or parts need to be ordered, we will provide you with an obligation free quote and your call out fee will not be charged.

Affordable Openings repair garage doors all over the Central Coast region including garage door repairs Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley and Newcastle


Here are some of our frequently asked questions on garage door troubleshooting and our services. If your questions are not here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Affordable Openings is your one stop shop for everything garage door. If your question is not here please contact us.

Domestic Pricing 

$130.00 for the first 30 minutes and $60 for every 30 minutes after that. 

If major repairs are needed we will provide a free obligation-free quote. 

Check that there is power at the powerpoint first, then we can eliminate whether its an electrical fault or a motor fault. 

Can you move the door by hand? If yes, it is most likely disengaged. Re-engage when you are ready. If you struggle to re-engage your door, you can call us for assistance over the phone, we’ll just need your motor brand and model. 

Have you tried changing the batteries? If you have another remote that does work it will most likely be that the battery has died. 
Merlin, Gliderol, B&D, Automatic Technology (ATA), Chamberlain, Grifco, Steel-line.
central coast garage door repairs

Repairs and Maintenance are just a call away

When to book in your Garage Door Repairs Central Coast

A lot of the time we find that the garage door may only need some minor adjustments to be made. If your garage door is making strange noises, not opening correctly, or running very slowly, it may be a case of some adjustments as opposed to repairs.

It is important to get your door repaired or adjusted as soon as you notice any small issue as it will hopefully prevent it from becoming a major issue.

Affordable Openings recommends having a maintenance check on your garage door every so often to make sure it is running at its peak performance. This can include lubricating rollers, tracks and hinges, cleaning and wiping the moving parts to remove dirt, and adjusting weather stripping.

Signs your garage door needs repairing:

  • Your garage door is slow
  • Your garage door jerks when closing
  • Your door is coming off track
  • Garage door is unbalanced
  • Your Garage Door Opener is Broken
  • Your garage door will not open or close
  • Loose or Broken Garage door cords & wires

The Importance of having your garage door repaired

If you’re like most people, your garage door is one of your most important home security features. A malfunctioning or poorly maintained garage door can easily lead to burglary or other problems such as risk of injury, so it’s important to keep it serviced and in good working order. That’s where our affordable garage door repair and servicing comes in. We understand the importance of keeping your garage door in good condition and we’re here to help. We offer a wide range of services that include regular repairs and maintenance, as well as installation and replacement of garage doors.

If your garage door is not functioning properly, you could be losing valuable time and money. A malfunctioning garage door can cause serious problems, including:

  1. Damage to your property – A malfunctioning garage door can cause major damage to your home or business. This can be due to wind and rain getting inside.
  2. Safety concerns – A malfunctioning garage door can also be a safety hazard. If your garage door malfunctions, you could end up with damage to your car when reversing out or pulling in. It could also cause injury to you or your family.

If your garage door is not functioning properly, it’s important to get it repaired or serviced. Our team at Central Coast Garage Doors can help you get the repairs or service you need, quickly and efficiently. We’ll work to ensure that the repairs or service are done correctly and that you’re happy with the results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

What to look for in Garage Door Faults

Your Door makes a lot of noise:

Even though a noisy garage door is annoying, it’s also a significant sign that it needs repairs. The type of sound it produces may also indicate whether a repair is required. For example, a grating or rumbling noise may indicate that a torsion spring is malfunctioning. A popping sound may also indicate that certain parts are joining correctly. A scraping noise is frequently the result of a bad torsion spring, while a dragging sound occurs if there is not enough of a torsion spring. If your door makes any of the above sounds or is just out of the ordinary, it needs to be repaired.

Your Garage door will not open or close

Having a door that won’t open or close is probably the most obvious sign that your garage door is in need of repairs.

Often when this happens there can be a few causes which include:

  • Broken or worn-down cables
  • Malfunctioning garage door opener
  • Garage door opener with a stripped gear

The other source of an issue could be the springs. In some cases, a garage door will stop halfway when opening, and in other cases it won’t open at all. If this is happening, it is likely that your garage door springs need replacing.

Loose or broken garage door cords and wires

Regardless of whether a garage door is open, closed, or moving, it is always supported by wires and cords. If the wires or cords fray, this is an indication that you need a new garage door before the entire system fails.

Garage opener cords may fray, causing the garage door to sag. Garage opener wires can also snap, causing the systems circuit to die, which can lead to the system needing to be replaced. When garage opener cords fray, the garage door may start to sag and when they snap, the garage door may crash down on cars, people and animals.

Broken cords are especially dangerous, as they give you no warning before they snap. If your garage door is beginning to be unreliable, contact our team and we can inspect your door and do the necessary work it requires to get the door in good working order again. It may mean that the door needs to be replaced.

Garage Door Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing Central Coast

Don’t delay contacting Affordable Openings for all your garage door repairs Central Coast. 

Our team has the experience and expertise to get your garage door back up and running with minimal fuss and affordable prices. We are the leading garage door company in the region, so you can be assured that your door is in good hands.

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